How to Bypass a Cannabis Drug Test Fast

Whether you have a habit of smoking weed or not, it’s important that everyone does some form of detoxing every now and then. If you are a marijuana smoker that needs to pass a drug test for THC, then this article is for you. Most jobs require that you pass a marijuana drug test before you are hired. If you want to clear a urine test make sure, that you go in for always buy synthetic urine on sale, which is really good and can work in your advantage, it should not be then you are buying something that does not work. There are lots of options in the market and selecting the right urine is a very important thing. This can really have a serious impact on your life and you need to know how to clear this right in the first attempt, you do not want to take chances and that is the last thing you want.

Don’t be discouraged, you can still land that dream job. Here is how to go about it:

Knowing More about THC Levels

THC levels remain in our system for about a week before leaving. It stays longer in the system of chronic weed smokers and overweight people. I said overweight because THC is stored in the wall linings of fatty cells. It’s best to be well informed of the best way to pass a THC metabolite test. The right knowledge of what to do in advance will place you in prime position to beat the test. There are lots of stores which are basically selling this and you can get a bargain and you need to make sure that you always buy synthetic urine on sale. This will help you to save some money and also can help you to get the job done, what better you can ask for. But if you do not bargain then the price may be higher. There are lots of people who are very confused about from where to buy and what price and this has to be found out well before you go in the market to avoid paying a higher amount. Also, the quality of the urine is a very important and should be very similar to the real one with proper smell and color and that is very important.

THC Metabolites

A urine drug test screen involves the detection of THC metabolites. But what are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) metabolites? Metabolites are the side chemicals produced from the metabolic breakdown of chemical compounds. THC is the main metabolite produced from the catalytic breakdown of marijuana.

Health workers screen for THC or THC-COOH presence in your system.

How to Prepare for THC Drug Test

To pass this test you need to prepare very well. If you have been smoking marijuana then you must try to determine the level of THC in your system first. A good knowledge of the accepted THC levels for drug screening is a starting point. Having a rough estimate of the level of THC in your system is not as complicated as it seems. Sincerely ask yourself how long and how frequent do I take marijuana?

Time Period

As mentioned earlier, the half-life of THC in the system is about one week. This means it will take a week before the level of THC in your system reduces by 50%. The general assumption is that you can get rid of THC significantly in about 2- 4 weeks. Online you should search for tips about how one can clear the urine test and lots of information is available and based on that one should prepare for the test and once that is done, then you can be sure, that you will have better chance to clear the test. But if the test is at a short notice, then you need to look for artificial urine, which can help you to get the job done. There are lots of store who are selling this and you can online very easily find the details of those stores. Keep in mind to get a good price for the same, as there is lots of competitions, always buy synthetic urine on sale, as this will help you to save money and also get the test cleared which is very important for your growth and your future. Once you do that then things will be much easier.

Characteristics of THC

The major characteristic of THC is that it is fat soluble. Thus they are stored in fat cells of the body. This is why people who are overweight are at a higher risk of failing a THC drug test.

Weed smokers across the country have passed a THC drug test by maintaining low concentrations of THC in the system. Ideally, the threshold is about 50 mg/mL.

How to Pass the Marijuana Drug Test

The most popular method is diluting your urine by drinking massive amounts of water. This is not as effective as it sounds because most health workers have found a clever way to detect an attempt at diluting urine samples. It is never easy to clear the test as the technology is becoming more advanced which was not the case a few years back. But at the present time, things have changed a great deal and one has to be very careful and prepare well for the test or it could go against you. Also, you should know which document you need t carry at the test center before you start. It should not be that you do not have all you need and are sent back or marked absent and that is the last thing you want.

The best way to use water to dilute the system is not to rush it in a few days to the test but to consistently drink about 3 liters of water daily for 3 weeks. Mix the water with cider vinegar for best results. It will help flush out your system in time.