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What is a Commemoration?

Do you always celebrate your birthday? Or go watch fireworks on the 4th of July?  A commemoration is an honorary occasion in memory of a person or event. On your birthday you, your family and friends commemorate you being born and on the 4th of July Americans commemorate the independence of the United States.  The commemoration of Jamestown is to honor andshowcase the people, culture and events that happened  over the past 400 years that make Virginia an important part of America’s history.


Come watch these fabulous characters perform at our Events! Have fun and learn about Jamestown History!

Also look for great performances from Anniversary Voices with song and dance about the founding of Jamestown and American History!

Games & Contests

Do you have what it takes to maintain a New Colony? Discover adventure while testing your skills as Captain of the Jamestown settlers when you take the helm on the Jamestown Online Adventure game. Perhaps you know everything there is to know about Jamestown – how many points can you score as you climb the ladder from Rags to Riches?

Children in Early America

Discover some of the ways children lived and spent their days in and around Jamestown, Virginia during the early 17th century. You may be surprised to find that after all their chores were done they had time for a little relaxation, fun and games just like you.

Powhatan Children

Powhatan children were given a formal name at birth and received personal names, as they got older. Children received a great deal of affection from their parents and community. Babies were carried about on cradleboards while their mothers worked.

Children learned their roles and responsibilities from their elders. Girls helped to plant and weed gardens, pounded dried corn, and cared for younger children. Boys were taught to hunt and fish. When boys were young, their mothers gave them an archery test in the morning before breakfast; the mother would throw something into the air and the boy would try to hit it using his bow and arrow.