Fun plans you have to do in Soria with children

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer inhabitants in Soria, especially compared to other nearby provinces. This means that it is increasingly considered an attractive destination to enjoy rural and nature tourism, but this does not mean that there are no fun plans to do with children in Soria. Read on to find out.

What to do in Soria with children

Magic Forest Fountain of the Pine

This route through the forest has been set up to house small houses out of fairy tales and figures of magical beings. In this fantasy site, children will have fun exploring and trying to see each of its inhabitants. The forest is always growing and has signs and a map with directions to guide you. After the adventure, you can rest or eat at the tables they have for a picnic. If you need it, you can pick up an information brochure at the tourist office in San Leonardo, the town where it is located.

Pita Beach

The river beach is located in the Cuerda del Pozo Reservoir, surrounded by a pine forest. It has its own space with sand and all the necessary facilities to spend the day swimming and practicing water sports, including boat rental. It is advisable that when bathing you use some type of footwear such as booties because there are many stones. If you don’t want to bring food there you have a beach bar. In addition, there are several hiking trails to explore. In this article, you have all the information about the Laguna Negra de Soria and Pita beach.

Route of the Icnitas

It is a journey that will allow you to see the footprints that the dinosaurs left in their day in the area. Along the route, you can access numerous sites, complemented by life-size sculptures of these prehistoric reptiles and a Paleontological classroom, located in Villar del Río. The walk is usually done by car because the distance is quite long (especially to do it with children). You will also find picnic areas and children’s games, especially the Cretaceous Adventure Park of San Pedro Manrique.

Vinuesa Aventur

It is a park in height in the middle of nature where you can put yourself to the test in one of its five multi-adventure circuits. Before starting, the monitors will explain the safety measures and how to handle the equipment in their initiation circuits. The circuits vary in height and difficulty, so children must meet a certain age or height requirement to access the different levels. Among its tests, there are lianas, vacuum jumps, zip lines, and much more.

This plan is great for you to combine with a visit to Pita Beach since it is very close. In the Black Lagoon, km. 2.6, in Vinuesa.

Santa Ines Snow Point

It is located between the Picos de Urbión and the Sierra de la Cebollera. It is an ideal place to enjoy the snow in winter or to participate in excursions at any time of the year. For those new to the experience, they have teachers who give introductory courses to alpine or cross-country skiing.

In its equipment rental shop, you will find everything you need to practice alpine or cross-country skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing. They also organize different routes and excursions to the nearby lagoons and peaks.

Mount Valonsadero

It is a great natural park to enjoy nature with the family. You can start the route at the Interpretation Center, to find out about the activities that take place in the park and to buy plans for hiking or renting bicycles. In the center, you can also book your tickets to attend a guided tour of the cave paintings, which are found at more than thirty points along the route.

Borobia Observatory

One of the advantages that Soria has a small population is that it also has little light pollution, this allows this observatory to be perfect for stargazing.

The guided sessions are both day and night, and have the doors open throughout the year; In addition, they plan special sessions for astronomical events of interest. Depending on the day and the time you choose, your visit will focus on the Sun, the Moon, the deep sky, or the last two. They also give talks, courses and organize astronomical concerts.

Numantino Museum

In this museum, pieces are exhibited that tell the evolution of the province, from prehistory to the Modern Age. Part of its collection was found in the archaeological sites of Numancia, Uxama, and Times, among which the remains of animals, sculptures, and weapons stand out.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are sometimes temporary exhibitions and they also usually do educational workshops for children to get excited about paleontology and the traditions of ancient civilizations.

Black Lagoon Park

The Laguna Negra Park is a protected area due to its richness in bird species. And the glacial landscape of the Sierra de Urbión. There are almost as many hiking trails in the park as there are legends about the Black Lagoon.

Inside the park, there is an interpretation center where you can get all the information related to the park, the flora and fauna, and the customs of the region, including interactive games. They also have areas with audiovisual material to make it more enjoyable for children. Such as the Memory Corner and the vision of the camera located in one of the viewpoints. So they can see the park from another perspective.

Kayak in the Douro River

This river is one of the most important in the Iberian Peninsula. And the best way to get to know it is by plowing through its waters in a canoe. Depending on the tourist company with which you decide to do the tour, you will visit one or more of its sections, or, for the bravest, you will be able to navigate its entire length to the mouth of Porto, Portugal.

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