Commemorative Coins

2007 Jamestown 400th Anniversary Commemorative Coins

The Commemorative coins are avaliable for purchase at Jamestown Settlement. On January 11 a public ceremony was held at the 17th century living-history museum. Edmund C. Moy, director of the United States Mint, participated in the release ceremony in Jamestown Settlement’s Robins Foundation Theater immediately before coin sales begin. Mr. Moy was on hand for a limited time to sign Certificates of Authenticity, which were limited to two certificates per customer. Coins may be purchased using cash, check, credit card, or wire transfer in the Jamestown Settlement gift shop located in the visitor service’s lobby.

Commemorative coins

“The Jamestown Settlement brought people from throughout the Atlantic Basin together to form a society that drew upon the strengths and characteristics of English, European, African and Native American cultures. The economic, political, religious and social institutions that developed during the first nine decades of the existence of Jamestown continue to have profound effects on the United States, particularly in English common law and language, cross cultural relationships, manufacturing, and economic structure and status.”