SEO Hosting – The Need of the Hour

Do you want good results for your website? Do you want to rank higher in search engines? Do you want good results? If these are the cases, then you may need to take professional help to get the job done. There are many factors that affect your rank in search engine and the most important one is SEO hosting, which can have a serious effect on the results. You need to hire a good harrisburg seo expert, to guide you with this.

Hosting very much affects the position of search engines, and on this occasion, we will list several general facts and experienced observations. By participating in discussions on several forums and blogs, talking to colleagues from this industry, we decided to unify and describe in one place the best hosting parameters that one needs to satisfy to be called SEO hosting.

  1. It may betrivial to write, but the most important thing is that the server is online. It is rarely anyone who can boast of 100%, but 99.99% can be said to be a great figure. As cloud systems become more accessible, this measure will be closer to 100%. This is a very important thing but needs to be considered based on the record of the company which provides the website hosting for your website. If your website is down for long hours may not be crawled by search engines and that could have terrible effect on your results. A good harrisburg seo expert will surely tell you about this.
  2. Server speed. It has been said several times by Google that migrating to a faster server is an example of great white SEO technique. Google has its metrics on the site’s response speed, see Site Performance in Webmaster Tools, or the page speed app at and then analyze whether you need a faster server or not. This is a very important thing one most considers and if this is not taken serious people may get very upset and leave the website, based on how slow it can be.
  3. 3. The neighbors on the server. If you do not have your dedicated server, but use a vps or shared variant with an awkward adult and a neighbor’s neighborhood, you will definitely get the negative limits for this item. These penalties are minimal, but they should be This is a very important thing and you do not want other website to affect your performance if that happen, and then it is time to move on to something new. You should find a harrisburg seo expert, to get the job done.
  4. It is best that each domain has a unique IP address that does not share with anyone. SSL certificate becomes standard. This is a very important thing. One must check this with the provider before you go in for the hosting.
  5. When you start link building, in addition to quality and relevant content, it’s ideal that the link that comes to you originates from a different C class IP address. The IP addresses are in the format, AAA: BBB: CC: DD, different C class indicates that the IP address of the backlinks should not be from the same subnet, but to differ by at least one of the first three blocks (AAA: BBB: CC).

This means that if you have multiple VPNs or a dedicated server on a single server (Single-Sided, Reciprocal, 3-way, 4-way link), the link value will increase much if you split it into servers with different C-class IP addresses.

  1. At the moment ofwriting this article, IPv6 addresses are increasingly used in the new standard and they are “free” in the subnet / 64 and are easier to get. The problem is still massive, as cPanel and DirectAdmin panels do not now support the new IPv6 standard.
  2. Ideal for you to open independent Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools account for each other site and mask domain owners. Also, pay a domain at least a couple of years in advance, Google does not like huge migration of links and the positions immediately before the expiration of the domain begin to fall.

What type of web server is the best hosting for a SEO site?

The best type of web server for your site is the one that best suits your needs. There are different types of web hosting and service packages, but they can all be accommodated in one of these three basic categories: Shared web hosting that is cheap and quality is proportionate to the price. It is good for small budgets and sites without special needs and high visibility. VPS web hosting is mostly the best choice even for the most demanding users. Dedicated web hosting is expensive but good for autonomous work on a high-power server.